1969 born in Frankfurt a. M.

1988 high school diploma

1988–90 community service
at the Alois-Eckert-School in Frankfurt am Main

1990–91 one year working stay in New Zealand and Indonesia

1992–93 studies of art history and philosophie
at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University in Frankfurt a. M.

1993–99 studies of photography, visual communications
at the School of Fine Arts at the University Kassel

1997–99 study stays in Spain, Suede and France

1998–99 receiver of the Otto-Braun-Scholarship

since 2000 work as freelance photographer, exhibitions

2002 birth of daughter Zsuzsa

2005 Prix d'Honneur Salon du Blanc, Tokyo

2006 birth of son Juri

lives in Frankfurt, stays in Barcelona and Copenhagen